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I'm Coach Deb Dee,  Certified Life Coach & Sly your Self-Doubt.

There was a time in my life when I wondered:

​“Am I ever gonna get my shit together?" "Is this all there is to life?"


I've spent the last five years dedicated to mastering my own mind and emotions.

I’m grateful now to have beautiful relationships and a career that I love.

But there was a time where I was confused, lost, broken, and did not know who "Deborah" was going to be.

I didn’t know my power.
I didn’t know my potential.
I didn’t know what was possible for me.

So...I became a student of life. I did everything I could to fill up my own resources and my toolkit.

NOW.... Women who are tired of feeling stuck hire me to help them slay their self-doubt and to get their life where they want it to be.

I’m here to help YOU! 

Ready when you are girl!


Your Coach

Deb Dee x

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My prayer for you

For you to live a life, where you can view your feelings through a lens of curiosity and compassion so you can heal, rewrite your story, & courageously pursue our dreams.

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I want to help you UNEARTH some of that messiness that has weighed you down in life and RELEASE the shame, guilt, disappointment, hurt, anger - that no longer serves you!


I want you to feel ENERGISED and CONFIDENT when you wake up because you have CLARITY, you’re on PURPOSE, and you're building your DREAM LIFE.


I want you to FLEX COURAGE so you can TRUST your inner voice and SLAY your self-doubt.

I want to help you SERVE your family, your friends and the world around you from your overflow -  they deserve your best - but most importantly YOU deserve it, beautiful one. It’s your time to SHINE.

Let us go on a journey of EXCAVATION to ELEVATION! 

There is no greater time than now, sweetheart.

Say Yes to YOU!

Tropical Leaves

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